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TO CONTACT US PLEASE CALL ROB KLINCKE ON: 01279 833 523 OR 07818 635222

OR EMAIL:  chair@friendsofstmichaelsbs.org.uk

The Friends of St Michael’s is an organisation concerned with the preservation and promotion of St Michael’s C of E Church, Bishop’s Stortford, a Grade 1 listed building of historical significance to the town and a great asset to the local community to this day, as well as welcoming visitors from around the world.

Our aim is to generate interest in our magnificent Grade 1 listed building among those of all faiths and none, to give everyone who visits our website, our our church building, a sense of involvement in its care and to inform and educate all-comers by providing a guided tour to help them understand the unique significance of St Michael’s in the history of the district. This also gives visitors a chance to meet some of the interesting people in the memorials.

The Friends of St Michael’s is a registered charity that seeks to raise funds and awareness to preserve and promote what is perhaps the most significant building in town for present and future generations.

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The Friends’ were formed in 1968 by local townspeople, who felt that the preservation of such a prominent and significant Grade 1 listed building was of importance to everyone in Bishops Stortford, not just the congregation of St Michael’s Church itself!

Members of the Friends of St Michael’s come in many guises. Some live in the town, others have moved away but are still interested and concerned about the maintenance of the building, while still others have felt compelled to assist in the upkeep of the building while visiting relatives or holidaying nearby.

All Friends’ members have one thing in common: a conviction that the Church building should be preserved for the future.

The Friends of St Michael’s Committee for 2019-20 are: 

  • President: Beryl Jones
  • Chair: Rob Klincke  (Tel: 07818 635222)
  • Secretary: Mandy Hood
  • Treasurer: Nick Freeborn (Tel: 07788 710 201)
  • Membership Secretary:

If you would like to become a member of the Friends of St Michael’s, please visit our Membership page.

For general Friends enquiries, please call: 01279 833 523

Registered Charity No. 253376

A registered charity, promoting & preserving St. Michael's Church, Bishops Stortford