Recent Projects from 2015-16

Organ Appeal
2015 was the year in which St Michael’s Organ Appeal reached its fund raising target, allowing the church’s organ to finally be restored, which was completed in 2016 by Manders.

The organ at St Michael’s dates back to 1888 and was last rebuilt in 1940, over 75 years ago. It was in urgent need of repair in order to secure its place at the heart of music at St Michael’s for years to come.

Since launching the organ appeal in June 2014, St Michael’s successfully raised over £250,000, or around 90% of its fund raising target, including a substantial donation from the Friends which got the fund raising of to a great start!

DSC_5632    LYN_7215_006LYN_7215small - Copy    DSC_5622

Above: Prior to the organ appeal, choral worship at St Michael’s faced an uncertain future.

Thanks to the support of our members and various fund-raising events, the Friends of St Michael’s are proud to have made a significant contribution to the organ appeal, enabling the successful completion of work in a staggeringly short period of time.

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