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If you’ve enjoyed visiting our website and feel like you would like to support the valuable work of the Friends of St Michael’s Church, there are many ways in which you can help:

Becoming a Friend:

For just £20 a year you can become a Friend of St Michael’s, receiving regular newsletters updating you on our work, invitations to the various events we host each year and a vote at the Annual General Meeting held during each summer. We welcome all comers to the Friends. Why not join us and help to protect one of Bishop’s Storford’s most significant buildings?

Membership Form:



If you’d prefer, you can download a printable version of the membership form below, then photo or scan it, and  return it to our Membership Secretary via email, by clicking here.

Download our membership form: FoSM_Membership-Form_2016


If completing your form via email or in person, then payment by standing order provides the best form of payment for us. If you’re able to do this, please download and complete our standing order form below, then return it to your bank to set up annual payments.

Download our standing order form: FoSM_Standing-Order-Mandate_2015

Alternatively we do accept payment via cash or cheque. See the membership form for further details.


If you’d prefer not to make an annual commitment but would still like to donate to the work of the Friends of St Michael’s, you can visit our Donation Page.

Thank you for your generosity!

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